Gone Too Soon

 Video-  "Gone Too Soon"

View some of the many innocent victims of our national epidemic.


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The purpose of this website is to educate families and the community about prescription drugs and some potential consequences of misusing, abuse or overusing prescription drugs. This includes taking any prescription medications that are not prescribed to you which is also illegal.   My goal is  help people better understand the disease of addiction and the recovery process and thus bring people suffering from addiction and their families and friends hope for the future. This website is a collection of links and resources. 

Surgeon General:  Facing Addiction in America

Pill-Mill Tip Line
DEA's 24-hour tip line

Tips can also be sent to Florida.Pill.Mill.Tips@USDOJ.GOV

How to dispose of medication.

PowerPoint:  Rx Epidemic Statistics- Why is Rx abuse an Epidemic?     
Statistics on this presentation are linked to multiple websites with excellent information.

Other Reports and Fact Sheets:

Don’t ignore your suspicions.

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