$10 a person per year invested in PREVENTION could save billions of dollars-
Prevention Saves Lives and Money

 Please review this area if you have a prevention program and want to enhance it or want to start a program.  Many other coalitions and prevention groups are very willing to share information and "what worked" in their community.  You will more than likely have to  modify campaigns or programs for the specific needs, culture base... in your community.     CONTACT your local police department for information about Safety & Drug presentations.  If they don't offer these programs they may be able to give a contact so you can partner with an existing group.  Also, see if your area has Task Forces or Coalitions to join.


Organizations that give personal presentations:


Linda presents to Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, and the Military about the consequences of drug use and underage drinking.  She shares age appropriate information and  stories. 

The cornerstone of the NOPE mission is the high-impact, multimedia presentation that is delivered to middle and high school students. The NOPE presentation is purposefully blunt and evokes powerful emotions. The response from students, parents and teachers has been very positive. Many students reach out to NOPE's wealth of resources beyond the presentation and seek guidance for themselves or to get help for a friend.

Tool Kits -   Generation X- Excellent- Elementary, High School, College, Community, Seniors Video Resources
Handouts- Brochure, Fact Sheets .... The best advice is to utilize the government brochures that are often FREE.
Your local treatment center may also have some preventative data they utilize... I would recommend checking with a non-profit organization as they often have material that doesn't just promote their program.  (They may also know of additional resources for information.)
Free Publications
Treatment, Prevention, and Recovery


Publications for Parents, Teachers, Facilitators....

Excellent additional resources on this link!

College & Teen Programs, Brochures...

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation- Prevention Saves Lives and Money.


 The SketterhawkExperiment  our mission is to end the scourge of prescription drug misuse and abuse through the testing of innovative prevention, treatment, and overdose rescue strategies in real-life communities, beginning in Northeast Florida....
Their first campaign is in Florida:  In just a few months a great deal has been accomplished... many partnership established within the local community.


Another great program with many good ideas for individuals and coalitions to educate their community:

Logo:  Choose a logo that will be easily identified with your association/organization. Place it on:  Dental & Orthodontist bibs, Grocery Bags, church bulletins, neighborhood newsletters,  coaster at restaurants & bars (good partnership) begin to think outside the box....
If possible join another success event rather than trying to set one up.  i.e..  Our coalitions get a table at the Walk Like MADD walks.  Partnering with groups that are also interested in Community Health, Safety and Wellness (new buzz words)  is often useful and may build a reciprocal working relationship.

Website:  Don't feel overwhelmed.  I started with one page 5 years ago and continually add new information and resources.

Feel free to add my site as a link in your site.

I tend to add links to my website that lead to great information especially with respect to the government sites, university.... when they update their sites mine is automatically updated (less work for me.)

The more links to other sites the greater the likelihood that your site will be "googled."  (One day I was looking for a specific chart and googled it... my site was second on the hit list... I had forgotten that I had already posted it.)

Business Cards:  Inexpensive and some of the best media to reach out to the grassroots in your community.   You can hand this out almost everywhere you go...  Example... asking people, "Where to do work, what are your other interests, what are you majoring in.... " hopefully they will ask you the same ... opportunity created to share your business card.

You can also leave this type of card almost anywhere... at your doctor's & DENTIST's office, hair salon, schools, universities,  local restaurants, hotel front desks, grocery story,,,, (maybe a flyer with those hanging tags with the website can be posted at some stores).... Ask if you can leave some cards at functions you attend... such as church events... other fundraiser dinners, teas, potlucks, ....

Have a logo that is recognizable.  

Click for larger view and both sides.

Flyers.... another idea that can reach many people.  Although my example does not have the pull-off tabs I would recommend adding them... inexpensive and easy to do!

Sample flyers:

College Apartment Complexes, Dorms...  Maybe health clinics on and off campus... In June/early July ask the apartment managers if they would consider adding this information to their "Welcome/Orientation" package.

Multiple uses for this flyer... churches, community centers,... this one would be good to put the tear off tabs on the bottom

Other flyer... good information probably needs better marketing.

PowerPoints....  There seem to be two types of powerpoints  -

Group presentations (which should be fairly short & have few words)... goal is to have audience participation and to get people thinking... then go to website or other resource for detailed additional information.

Educational presentations- mainly for individuals to learn about an issue(s) in greater detail... this is what most of mine are on the homepage.

All facts and statistics should be referenced with a link to the reference if possible allowing the viewer to learn more and/or valid data.

See the homepage for various powerpoints.

Other Resources for Ideas

Excellent Website with lots of ideas

Scroll down to view two sample videos.

RH Prevention Resource Center

Indiana University



Please feel free to contact me with any additional ideas!  


     CAST (Citizens And Students Together) a Coalition for Community Health, partnered with Ponaganset High School in a alcohol awareness billboard design contest with students.   

I saw this bear sign while on vacation.  Turns out it was from Empowered Parents (see above).