Helpful Links

Recommended websites are government and research based information. All efforts have been made to avoid using subjective and/or for profit websites. 

Key Drug and Addiction websites:


Science of addiction & the brain (for more information see addictions link)

   Dr. Volkow, Director of NIDA explains addiction in this video
   "Addiction Science: From Molecules to Managed Care  NIDA- excellent information...


College Students:   (see also college link)



Educational Programs:  (see Prevention)


Mental Health Information:

 Resource links for Prevention of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

Additional Information:

If you want any additional information on any drugs, trends, alcohol, club drugs, mental health issues.....

The websites listed above are mostly government and research based programs.   If you google for more information be careful... drug companies are often linked to a group, facility or other programs.