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  Legislation Alert- E-mail your elected officials  - Personal visits, handwritten notes, phone calls, e-mails in that order are the best way to get your voice heard. 


save our society2 Save Our Society from Drugs is our nation's premier advocacy organization fighting against permissive drug policy that attempts to negatively impact our society and future.  Advocacy organization: Information about elected officials, legislation, candidates in your area...

Advocates for the Reform of Prescription Opioids is a bi-national organization in the U.S. and Canada, comprised of people who have been adversely affected by the consequences of the massive over-prescribing of prescription opioid pain pills, otherwise known as narcotics. We are bereaved parents, siblings and spouses, families of those suffering through an addiction, pain patients, doctors, and citizen advocates working toward more balanced care for patients who suffer from chronic pain, without causing harm to them and to the general public.


Office of Juvenile and Justice Delinquency Prevention
National Drug Court Training

Reporting a doctor to the DEA:   Filing a report with your State Medical Health Department and the DEA are separate processes involving separate legal systems so be sure to do both!
DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)...Cases against Doctors
State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
Office of Diversion Control 
Reclaiming Our Future-Communities helping teens overcome drugs, alcohol, and crime 
   Quick Facts: 
Half of all prison inmates are dependent on drugs but less than 20 % get the treatment they need....

Florida References...Google your State for laws in your community. 
Here’s one example:
Florida Dept. of Health...file your report.
Florida Dept. of Children and Family Services:
Florida Substance Abuse Impairment Act
International Center for Alcohol Policy