Marijuana when smoked or eaten in food is not the same as taking a prescribed drug that has a specific dosage and frequency.  Marijuana of today is more than a gateway drug, it is often a springboard to other drugs that lead to greater abuse and addiction problems. Many people abusing cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, and meth started using marijuana. Reading autobiographies, studies on marijuana use, and text books all have point to the fact that using marijuana often leads to stronger drug abuse.

Marijuana use by itself is dangerous to individuals, families and society.  EDUCATE yourself, family, friends & the community.

Facts for Families

The Teen Brain on Marijuana

"Medical" marijuana or homegrown pot  - Don't be fooled that the people promoting "Medical" are concerned about anyone's health. 

Smart Approach to Marijuana  (SAM)

Save Our Society  ....

Stephen Wallace -This site is intended to be a resource that empowers teens and parents to communicate openly about the critical issues young people face, collaborate on the choices they make, and celebrate the positive steps they take on the way to becoming happy, healthy, and productive men and women.

KidsInTheHouse- videos on parenting kids- marijuana issues


                     If you think legalizing marijuana won't affect you... Think Again.  Facts, statistics & consequences on the effects of marijuana on the human body, to our environment, to our neighborhoods... on our economy.  Plus a brochure to print and share with other people in your community concerned about the negative impact of marijuana's legalization. 

Did you know that pot is 10 times stronger than it was 25 years ago? Read an article from a liberal London paper apologizing for its efforts to legalizing pot.
   The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy reported this past January that more teens abuse  prescription drugs than any illicit drug other than marijuana. According to the report, more than 2.1 million teenagers abused prescription drugs in 2006.  In most states, it is easier to purchase prescription drugs than it is to buy marijuana. From 1993-2006 the use of marijuana has increased over 110% on college campuses.