• People who abuse drugs do not begin shooting heroin.  Addiction is a progressive process that typically begins with alcohol, cigarettes and/or marijuana.  The three primary drugs that often trigger the disease of addiction. 
  • Marijuana legalized  for medical purposes by legislators or voter amendments IS NOT FDA approved nor a prescription.  For this reason, valid standards of care for dispensing the drug do not exist. 
  • Why is marijuana a pathway to heroin?  Marijuana stimulates many of the same receptors as opiates (narcotics, heroin) but not as many nor is it  as potent.  Marijuana is much stronger than years ago thus it enhances the desire for stronger drugs.
  • Whole plant research continues to substantiate risks and harm outweigh any perceived or potential benefits.  The THC in marijuana causes hallucinogenic effects.  Most ‘medical’ marijuana contains THC . Medical Associations do not support this form of medication particularly when promoting smoking. Research, Articles, Fact Sheets, Everything you should know about Marijuana