Recovery is similar to learning a forgein language!

Recovery is similar to learning a new language– a person may submerse themselves in learning a new language maybe go to a another country (rehabilitation).  Learn the language and feel confident. When they return home, to an environment that does not speak the language, maintaining fluency (maintaining a drug-free life)  is difficult.  The person should attend groups that know the same language (NA, AA meetings, support groups… ).  Not only does this help maintain fluency but the person may find comfort knowing others who speak the language and make new friends who enjoy similar activities.  The family should attempt to learn some words or sentences to help the person remain fluent (stay sober).  The family needs to help and be helped too. Attend support meetings to learn the ‘language’ (better understanding this disease) and realizing other people are going through similar situation is often very useful for the family and for the individual.  


Signs of Abuse Brochure

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