Addiction: A House and not a Home

A shell is all there is
of the person I once knew.
I thought things were great
in my relationship with you.

I began to ask myself each day,
Am I the one who’s wrong?
I thought I knew about all drugs
Pot, prescription, coke and bongs.

I looked at myself in the mirror
and saw what I needed to do.
I read books and talked and prayed
that the mirror be revealed to you.

When that did not happen:
I was angry, sick and more,
and found out soon enough
you wouldn’t let me in your door.

The door to your heart is closed, it seems,
and I cannot go there.
Drugs turn you into someone
Who seems not to even care.

I ask and I wait and I wonder,
as I stare at the heavens above,
and I pray that all this chaos
will one day be turned into love.

For it is only love
that will change the way we feel.
For we all need one another,
and we all have to heal.

Let us heal from this addiction
that has robbed us of our lives.
There is no one who is immune from this”
moms, dad, sons, daughters, husbands or wives.

Let us all vow to take a stand
and look into the mirror, each of us,
reach deep within and learn to love,
praying for clarity, truth and trust.

With love, light and hope,


What Happened?

What happened is what I ask my self everyday. 
What was she thinking knowing she'd be putting her life to waste. 
This is my sister and I love her with all my heart, 
But doing drugs has only kept us far apart. 
I never thought she would end up this way, 
It hurts me knowing I can't help her, so all I do is pray, 
I pray for her to open her eyes before it's too late. 
Dealing drugs and stealing became her hobby, 
I guess she doesn't care if her kids end up without a mommy. 
Why can't she be the way she was before? 
Now that was my sister, the one that always loved me more. 
She was my best friend, we were always together, 
Nothing ever kept us apart because we promised we'd be sisters forever. 
I guess forever finally came to an end. 
She don't love me anymore now, Heroin became her new friend. 
I cry every time something reminds me of my sister, 
I feel anger and pain inside knowing I can't help her. 
But I won't lose faith, 
Every night I will pray, 
Cause I know someday God will show her the way. 
So now I put this poem to an end and wish only for the best, 
I pray it's never my sister who will someday be laid to rest!

From familyfriendpoems.com

 In Loving Memory of David

The moment that you were born, is the moment that I really knew.
God must really love me, to have blessed my life with you.
You were the most precious child I had ever seen, you gave my heart such a lift.
What ever did I say or do to deserve such a gift?

The years went by and I watched you grow, school plays, report cards, even your first kiss.
T-ball, Hockey, karate, and soccer, there wasn’t a game that I would have missed!

You became such a fine young man, I was so very proud of you.
You started a little family of your own, your beautiful daughter, an image of you.
What a wonderful father you became, I admired you as I watched as you how you held your daughter with such pride, such joy and so much love.

And now my wonderful son was also blessed from the Lord above.
You had such big plan for your little family, through our long talks you shared with me your dreams.
But somehow your life took an unexpected turn, God had other plans it seems.

You were prescribed a drug called “methadone” that took your young life away. 
My world is now shattered, my heart so full of pain, But I know I’ll see you again some day.

When you left this earth my son, you took along with you the biggest piece of my heart. 
My life will never again be the same. If only you had known the dangers of methadone from the start.

Although I can no longer see your smiling face, hear your laughter, or never again hold you tight.
I will continue to love and miss you every day, and in your name and for the many others, continue this methadone fight.

  By: Tina L Sobek
   In loving memory of my son 
 David Paul Sobek jr.  02/28/82 - 03/14/08

My beautiful 19 niece died in Oct after taking oxycontin which one of her "friends" had given her. I had written the following poem to tell her story and hopefully to "wake up" some of these teens that trust everybody and anything just so they can fit in with their peers. My niece was a kind, loving, funny girl who befriended everyone she met. Unfortunately, not everyone she met had her best interests at heart.


My "friends" gave me what they called a "Gift".
"It will get you high, give you a lift."

My parents had warned me about this kind of stuff.
"Don't smoke it, don't snort it and don't ever huff."

"Be careful who you chose as a friend,
true colors always come out in the end."

This went in one ear and out the other;
What does she know, she's only my mother. 

For a second or two, I had to choose;
"If I take this stuff, what will I lose?"

"Come on said my "friends" are you in or not?"
And I nodded my head with no second thought.

"Don't take this whole, let's crush it instead"
"the high is much better... goes straight to your head."

"Sniff through this straw, you know how it's done."
But I should have known better, I should have run.

The drug went in my nose, right up to my brain.
But instead of a high all I felt was pain.

Panic was rising, I yelled, "my head it hurts".
"My throat feels like it's all clogged with dirt."

"I cannot breath, there is no air;
this can't be happening, it isn't fair."

I grabbed my head and fell to the ground.
My friends were just staring, there wasn't a sound.

The blood, it was coming out of my ears,
my mouth and my nose, and even my tears.

The pain that was in my head at first,
moved into my chest...my heart had now burst.

"My friends, why are you standing there?"
"why aren't you helping, why don't you care?"

"Call for some help, call mom and dad;
they'll help me out even if they are mad."

Instead, they left me there on the floor,
grabbed all of their stuff and went out the door.

These "friends" of mine, that I held so dear,
had just watched me die and then left me here.

For more than 12 hours, I lay this way.
They didn't come back until the next day.

The ambulance, cops and the coroner came.
I knew that my family would not be the same.

My mom and my dad, I know that they'll cry.
Forever and ever, they'll ask themselves why.

You have to have friends, in life they're a must.
But life's not a game, so watch who you trust.

Because I lost my life, I hope that you see,
all because of a "gift", my "friends" gave to me.

Serenity Now

I know we have to take the necessary steps to protect our children -- 
We educate our children-- teach them to respect themselves and   others...
They should be thanking people who offer them help, 
apologizing for a wrongdoing, 
they should respect others property and privacy 
-- we teach them all this as the grow...

I resent to this day that ALL my jewelry and valuables are locked in a safe deposit box, 
that my computer requires a multiple password to gain access, 
that my pocketbook requires me as a bed partner, 
that my car keys are on a chain around my neck 
- I still have my child proof locks on my cabinets 
(Ironically because I thought I would someday be entertaining a grandchild...joke is on me.)

I have no poisonous plants in my home, my home is lead free, 
radon free (practically sterile- my husband is OCD over cleanliness). 
My soaps are fragrant free. 
Dead bolts on the front and back doors, 
tempered glass on my window, safety guards on the lawn mower.... 
I am safer than the Pope!!!

Yet, my child is and addict....
Now, I have to lock my medicine cabinets -- hide the key and remember where I hid it???? 
Its no wonder Alzheimer's is looking good to me ....

I guess what I am saying is --where are the days when putting 
dangerous medications and chemicals out of reach was being a good parent 
-- Now if you don't have dead bolts on your cabinets, 
you are going to be considered irresponsible???

I just just had to vent .....
Serenity, Courage and Wisdom...

Recently I came across a blog Addiction Journal that may be useful and comforting.