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Pill Identification Card, Comparison of  Opiates, Sedatives, Stimulants, & Signs of Abuse, Overdose, Withdrawal....
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Drug Facts
         Painkillers-Oxycontin (effect...overdose effects)

         Profile Oxycodone
         Oxycodone will eventually change the brain in such a way that users cannot quit on their own. (CESAR- Center for Substance Abuse Research)



Other Information:

Ritalin and Adderal... Wonderful medication for those who need help with ADHD or ADD however; for people who are abusing these drugs don’t confuse “feeling smart” with illegally misusing drugs and increasing medical risks.   Common drugs abused on college campuses- see college link.


No Longer a silent epidemic.... 100 people die of drug overdoses in the U.S.daily.