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I have experienced deep and painful grief from the death of many loved ones in my life. My husband died of a sudden heart attack in his sleep. My younger sister died of cancer. I lost both of my sons — my younger one to an accident, and my older one who died of a substance use disorder.
My husband’s, younger son’s and sister’s deaths were considered socially acceptable to grieve. The loss I felt when I lost my older son to an overdose was painful in multiple ways, and different than any other grief. I still remember the horror of him not showing up to pick me up. Calling a Lyft and coming home and seeing his light on upstairs and the music playing.

Grief Support

Sun Coast Kid's Place

Suncoast Kids Place provides support for children, teens and their families following the death of a significant person through peer support groups and education. Our goal is to offer support in a safe place where children, teens and families can share their experience as they move through their grief process.

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