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Drug related slang terms paraphernalia
What every Adult Needs to know about Youth Marijuana Use paraphernalia

710- High Concentrate THC OIL

710 has meaning for selling drugs because flipped over it says OIL, which is implied to be a high concentration of THC.


Smoking "cookie" refers to Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross whose reputation grew too large to stay within the borders of its California homeland.  


Also, reference to cocaine  


Loud- refers to marijuana- The I 'pot' loud is fairly obvious... so the Loud alone just refers to marijuana. 


whip it through the glassdrugs

"Whipping through the glass" means that he's mixing cocaine to make crack in a glass pan. "whipping" means to stir a mixture. And "through the glass" refers to the glass pans usually used in the process of making crack cocaine. URBAN DICTIONARY


Whippin Work- cooking and making crack cocaine


Reference to Trap Loud, Graham (grams of cocaine), bills....

Double cup. Two cups stacked on each other, filled to the brim with a cocktail consisting of promethazine and codeine syrup, candy (usually Jolly Ranchers, or Skittles), ice, and a soft drink of choice (Sprite, Fanta, etc.) "Po'up in my double cup." 
Purple Cow (Click on image for larger view)
To create Lean, a popular drink originated from Houston Texas, you require the following for the original formula:
  • -Promethazine w/Codeine VC <- Sizzurp (active ingredient)
  • Original Sprite Soda <- Mixing ingredient (although different flavors of sprite are now used, such as sprite remix)
  • Jolly rancher candy <- Flavor additive 
Put it all in a styrofoam cup and enjoy. The codeine is mainly responsible for the euphoric feeling after drinking lean. Promethazine causes motor skill impairment, lethargy, extreme drowsiness, as well as a dissociative feeling from all other parts of the body, specifically the stomach and digestive system. If it doesn't have promethazine w/ Codeine, it isn't real sizzurp. 
The mixed drink combination known as "lean", is normally the color purple, due the added ingredient sizzurp, which is originally a dark purple syrup. There are other colors of sizzurp which can be added to create lean, but the purple is the true sizzurp  Urban Dictionary


'No Bad Ideas' - flexfit means stach pockets; often velcro under the hat
Crown logo.. statch area


ecstasy masks-  to cover grinding teeth; body temperature is extremely high



Pacifiers and lollipops are used to prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching when high on Ecstasy/ MDMA/ Molly.

Molly, Ecstasy, paraphernalia, Rave, EDM

Kush- a brand of marijuana  (Kr8zy Kush- 96% THC  Most of the testing was done with THC levels of 3-6%; Today's THC is 20-30% for flowers, 25-90% for Dabs.

Three basic types of marijuana:

  1. Indica depressant- 'in du couch' 
  2. Sativa- stimulant- more hallucigenic, more energy (often people think they are more focus.. for example when driving.. however marijuana causes tunnel vision, slower reflexes and delayed thought processes...not exactly good for driving
  3. Hybrid- mix of the two type

Other terms - often based on effects, geographic locations, packaging, appearance, word, deception... for example:  Walter White (Sativa- meth like effects); Green Crack, Dab Out, Dabbing out, 

Concentrates - refers to weed dabs

JTR- Jack the Ripper  70% THC


Marijuana -Fatal Car Crashes Happen More Often Than Usual on 4/20, Study Finds

Normalizing pot use among kids -- which is what happens when brands hitch their wagons to 4/20 -- poses real health risks to kids. You can lecture about how bad pot is for growing brains and try to get kids to wait as long as possible to try it -- and that may work. But also consider helping kids think critically about the content they see online. Asking questions and seeing where they lead may make 4/20 and the brands that support it not look so groovy after all.

(TIME)  April 20, also known as “420,” is a day popular with many marijuanasmokers who see it as a “national holiday” of sorts and celebrate by getting high. The term “420” originated in the 1970s with a group of California high schoolers who would regularly meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke weed.

getsmart, paraphernalia, 4/20
Trap Lord-  The most notorious or well-known drug dealer commonly found in a shady area where drug deals are usually carried out. Urban Dictionary
Just replace 'Trap' with 'Drug'... Trap Queen, Trap Star, Trap King.... TLHP- Trap Lord HP- mob clothing


Juuling- Healthy Kids
  • JUUL is a brand of e-cigarette that is shaped like a USB flash drive. Like other e-cigarettes, JUUL is a battery-powered device that heats a nicotine-containing liquid to produce an aerosol that is inhaled. 

  • All JUUL e-cigarettes have a high level of nicotine. According to the manufacturer, a single JUUL pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of 20 regular cigarettes.  

  • News outlets and social media sites report widespread use of JUUL by students in schools, including classrooms and bathrooms.

  • The device senses when you take a pull from the mouthpiece and heats up to vaporize the liquid inside. According to the manufacturer, it has special temperature-regulation technology to prevent overheating or combustion.

Hacking the Juul- opening the pods to reload marijuana.  very potent. 

Healthy Kids Link- Spanish version

Another video

paraphernalia, trends, juuling, CDC, education week video, Video, healthy kids

Vaping Pens- CDC
  • E-cigarettes are electronic devices that heat a liquid and produce an aerosol, or mix of small particles in the air.

  • E-cigarettes come in many shapes and sizes. Most have a battery, a heating element, and a place to hold a liquid.

  • Some e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Some look like USB flash drives, pens, and other everyday items. Larger devices such as tank systems, or “mods,” do not look like other tobacco products.

  • E-cigarettes are known by many different names. They are sometimes called “e-cigs,” “e-hookahs,” “mods,” “vape pens,” “vapes,” “tank systems,” and “electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).”

  • Using an e-cigarette is sometimes called “vaping” or “JUULing.”

paraphernalia, vaping pens, CDC

Vaping Pens... Honeycomb   - the "Pass Out Pen" 

  • The Ripper- The Ripper 2.0 is new, improved and the only Sub -ohm conceal (concealer) vaporizer for oils and wax ( as it is a 2 in 1 unit). High capacity, high powered vaporizer make it the most powerful pocket vape for oils and wax and also disguised as a light makes it ultra discrete. 
  • The Elf- "Small, compact, stylish and most importantly it is Auto-Draw button less design of this high quality aerospace feel ELF concealer. Available in 5 classy colors this small unit has effortless draws amounting in big rips and large vapor. Easy to use simply inhale. It is the only unit that is button less that can fit wide 510 thread cartridges with its magnetic adapter, and be a pull thru unit and still work with Ceramic heater cartridges that usually require more power to vape them.
  • '510' thread- five 10 thread-510 threaded is a term used to describe the threading that connects vape cartridges and batteries – there are 10 screw threads, and the cartridge is generally five millimeters in length (510). "510 Thread" has been used to describe all sorts of vape pen parts, whether they are threaded or not. It's a non technical term created by an original e-cig factory (Joyetech) to describe the battery to tank connection they were using. While it was considered proprietary at the time, this (and most other e-cig innovations) are passed around freely between manufacturers. Most pens today are all based on this 510 thread.



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